“With so many talented dancers and choreographers in this country, Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia is the perfect opportunity to celebrate dance, and creativity on film. I am thrilled to be an ambassador for this brand new event in the Australian dance calendar. I wish Ian, and Rohan the greatest success with the festival. I can’t wait to see it grow and flourish.”


I’m very proud to be an ambassador of the Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia. I am honoured to support the expression of dance on film in this country. This will be a festival that unites the dance community. I can’t wait to see  the evolution of everyone’s creativity!!!”


“With the rise of social media over the past decade, our dance community has been able to access more and more dance on film.  It seems natural that a film festival celebrating the fusion of dance, choreography and film making, has evolved in Australia. Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia will bring together our community to showcase our shared talents on the big screen. I am honoured and excited to be an ambassador for the inaugural Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia.” 


“A huge part of my creative inspiration has always come from seeing incredible stories unfold on film, and when this is coupled with medium of dance the emotional impact can be truly breathtaking. Filming dance has now become such a huge part of my life, and choreographing that camera around amazing dancers is one of the most artistically satisfying experiences I could have ever wished for. I am so incredibly honoured to be an ambassador of the Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia and can’t wait to see the magic that can be created …Chookas everyone!”


“Never has there been a better time for such a platform as the Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia. I have always loved the marriage and possibilities of dance on film. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be an ambassador  & I can’t wait to see the  emerging creativity.”


“I am incredibly honoured to be an Ambassador for Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia. Celebrating the uniqueness of dance on film uniting dance and dancers from around the globe, sharing their humanity and passion through dance on film. It’s so exciting to be a part of this exceptional event.”


“I came on board as an ambassador during what was to become a daunting time for us all, to self-isolate and social distance from the outbreak of Covid19. This time of reflection makes you value the freedom of expression and the space to let go. Dance is an art form that invigorates, inspires and offers joy in times of uncertainty. With everyone turning to their screens to watch and in turn film themselves, what better excuse than to create content toward a great platform that is Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia.”


“I believe a festival of this nature is something we as dance film creators have yearned for. In a generation where everything is about content and quick fix media, I feel it is unbelievably important to acknowledge the creators that really take risks in putting together unique and inspired work! The main thing I would say to all of those people looking to apply is, don’t be afraid to do something different!”

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